Costa Concordia – Weitere Hinweise auf ein okkultes Geschehen — Video (englisch)

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Hochgeladen von am 21.01.2012

A thread on GLP definitely drawn my attention to a series of sinister details of dates, occult numbers, synchronicity with other elements that strongly suggest a blood sacrifice with the Illuminati signature. After some research I verified by myself many evidences pointing out that the disaster with the Costa Concordia was a scheduled event, that besides the ritualistic purposes, also might have been a red flag for an upcoming collapse in Europe.,8599,2104487,00.html………………

Costa Concordia wreck coordinates: 42° 21′ 55.25” N, 10° 55′ 17.04” E
Titanic wreck coordinates: 41°43′ 37.20” N, 49° 56′ 53.70” W
Vatican coordinates: 41° 54′ 8” N, 12° 27′ 23” E

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